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Building Tools for Academic Success

Our academic year workshops put students in a position to build key skills for use in classroom and research settings. 

Dr. Edgardo Sanabria-Valentín describes when he discovers What is a Scientist and what do they do?


What is Research?

This workshop introduces participants to the principles and practices of research. Participants discuss the underlying motivations for conducting research, such as discovery and problem-solving, as well as the myriad contexts in which research takes place. Participants have the opportunity to learn more about approaches to research and put some of those principles into practice through an interactive research activity. Participants also receive information on how to apply for paid summer research opportunities at universities across the country.  Students in all disciplines are welcome. 

Collaborative Learning

Studies show that working in groups improves students’ performance in class, on tests, and while conducting research. This workshop is an opportunity for exploring the peer learning process and considering how to form a successful study or research group. It will cover the steps to establishing a group and includes time for practicing some learning techniques. By the end of this workshop, participants will be ready to start a study or research group and reap the benefits.