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Introduction to The Leadership Alliance

The Alliance seeks to create a core of outstanding leaders and role models for coming generations by providing excellent educational opportunities through its activities and initiatives. These programs include undergraduate internships and mentoring; graduate support and fellowships; faculty development opportunities, and research exchanges.

Summer Research

Undergraduate students work for eight to ten weeks under the guidance of a faculty or private sector research mentor gaining theoretical knowledge and practical training in research and scientific experimentation and other scholarly investigations.

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Leadership Alliance National Symposium

The Leadership Alliance National Symposium is the culmination of the summer research experience for SR-EIP participants. Students present their research in a professional venue to a national audience of peers, faculty and members of the private and public sectors. The Symposium brings together a diverse group of students from Leadership Alliance summer programs, faculty, scientists from the private and public sectors, and representatives of professional societies. We strive to foster a sense of ‘scientific community’ while providing practical information about career opportunities and graduate programs.
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Doctoral Scholars

Doctoral Scholars, SR-EIP alumni who have obtained a PhD or MD-PhD, contribute to the pool of role models within our network.  These scholars represent 'the best and the brightest,' and they are beginning to encourage the next generation of students in higher education.  
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