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What is meant by rising sophomore, junior, senior?
A rising sophomore is entering their sophomore year in the 2019 fall term. Rising seniors include those entering their senior year in the 2019 fall term or seniors who will be graduating after completing their fall 2019 term.

I am a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow and receive a summer research stipend from the MMUF program.
MMUF students are welcome to apply to the SR-EIP; however, they do not receive a Leadership Alliance stipend or travel reimbursement. The Leadership Alliance will support housing and other program expenses.

If I applied last year, can I log in to my old account using the same username and password?
You can log in using your email address and password from the previous year. Remember to update your user profile.

Do you accept unofficial transcripts?
Yes, unofficial transcripts or academic records downloaded from your university web site are preferred. Scanned copies of your official transcripts are accepted. If official transcripts are sent to you, you must scan and upload these transcripts to your application as a PDF.  Erase or cover Social Security numbers.

If my registrar offers the option of sending an electronic transcript through an online document delivery service, what email address should I provide?
We do not accept electronic transcripts via email from an online document delivery service.

All transcripts must be uploaded by the applicant. If you have received an electronic transcript from a secure provider via email, do not upload it directly to your application. These electronic transcripts are password-protected, have the heading “Certified by Certified Document Services” or are otherwise locked. Print the transcript and then scan it to PDF.

I transferred from an associate's college or a 4-year baccalaureate program. Must I upload a transcript from my previous institution?
Yes, if you transferred to your current school, then both transcripts are required. Upload both transcripts even if your current school transcript includes transferred courses. Upload transcripts from schools you attended full-time for at least one semester.

Can I submit my transcript before my Fall 2019 grades are recorded?
No, your transcript must include your Fall 2019 final grades.

My Fall 2019 grades will not be finalized by February 1, 2020. What should I do?
If your Fall 2019 grades (due to your academic calendar and exam period, or other unusual circumstances) are not finalized on your transcript by February 1, 2020, you may submit your transcripts after February 1. If you intend to submit your transcript after the deadline, you are required to upload a letter (PDF) notifying us of the reason for the delay and select "Complete This Section" prior to February 1. Then, after February 1, email your transcript as a PDF attachment to with "TranscriptFor2020" in the subject line.

I studied abroad in Fall 2019 and my school transcript will not include grades for the Fall semester. What should I do?
If you studied abroad in Fall 2019, submit a transcript without your Fall 2019 grades. In addition, you must upload a statement (PDF) describing your study abroad location and courses. Select "Complete This Section" prior to February 1. We do not require that you send your final grades from your study abroad.

Is there a paper application?
No, there is no paper application.

Will I be notified when my application is complete?
The dashboard of your online application will indicate when each section is received.

Will my application be considered if it is incomplete?
Your application will not be considered unless it is complete.

Can I select more than three academic institutions for research?
No, you may only select three research sites.

Do I answer both the race and ethnicity question?
We request that you answer both questions. These are federal categories that we will use in describing the diversity of our program. You also have the option of "decline to indicate" for either one or both of these questions.

Can I submit more than two recommendations?
No, you may only submit two recommendations with your application.

What if my GPA is less than 3.0?
Applications from students with a GPA lower than 3.0 who describe exceptional circumstances in their personal statement may be considered. The difficulty level of your classes, the comments of your recommenders, and a marked progression of improving grades will be taken into consideration along with the exceptional circumstances that you describe.

Can I select my home institution as an SR-EIP site?
No. The SR-EIP is a summer program of eight to ten weeks' duration and is not intended to be a continuation of research you are already performing at your home institution. You must select three institutions other than your home institution. There are no exceptions.

If my current undergraduate institution is a member of the Leadership Alliance, who can I contact about the SR-EIP?
You can contact the institutional coordinator listed on the Member Institutions page of our website.

If your current undergraduate institution is a member of the Leadership Alliance, your institutional representative may be notified that you have begun an application when you save your Education section.