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Celebrating Accomplishments

The Leadership Alliance proudly acknowledges the accomplishments of SR-EIP participants who continue into graduate training and doctoral programs. Participants who successfully complete their Masters, PhD, or MD-PhD programs are recognized as advanced degree scholars. As role models, mentors and valued colleagues to Alliance graduate and undergraduate students, advanced degree scholars effectively demonstrate the Alliance's core mission: to train, to mentor and to inspire.

The most critical measure of the Alliance's impact is reflected in the academic and career accomplishments of its alumni. In 2008, the Alliance celebrated the milestone of its first 100 PhDs and MD-PhDs. Just five years later, the number of Leadership Alliance Doctoral Scholars doubled to 234 who have obtained their PhD or MD-PhD. View highlights of these milestones and the celebration of Doctoral Scholars at the Alliance's 20th anniversary in 2012.

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"Getting a Ph.D. is tough and the road can be especially tough for students of color. The Leadership Alliance gives students the opportunity to do research that is going to make them competitive for admission to graduate programs and ultimately be successful in graduate programs. Bringing my Leadership Alliance connection full circle is a way to give back."

Jason Sello, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry & Alliance Faculty Mentor, Brown University


2008: First 100 Doctoral Scholars

The Leadership Alliance recognized 106 PhD and 10 MD-PhD degree recipients at its 2008 national symposium. A special celebratory publication and a video for this event tell the story of these scholars and their success.

2012: Next 100 Doctoral Scholars

In less than five years after celebrating its first 100 Doctoral Scholars, the Alliance kicked off its 20th anniversary by recognizing an additional 109 PhD and 19 MD-PhD degree recipients. View the Commemorative booklet.

20th Anniversary of the Alliance

In 2012, the Alliance celebrated its 20th anniversary. Throughout the year, webcasts by our Doctoral Scholars and recognition of our founding institutional coordinators set the stage for the 20th Anniversary Celebration at the 2012 Leadership Alliance National Symposium.

Webcast: Is a PhD Right for Me?
Webcast: Submitting a Competitive Graduate School Application