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Summer Research Early Identification Program (SR‑EIP)

The distinctive feature of the Leadership Alliance is its core activity – mentoring across the critical transitions along the entire academic pathway. The mentoring begins at the undergraduate level with the Summer Research Early Identification Program (SR‑EIP), our flagship program. The SR‑EIP introduces students to the world of research-based careers by providing hands-on research experiences in all academic disciplines – in the biological sciences, the physical sciences, math and engineering, the humanities and social sciences. These invaluable summer research experiences take place at the country’s top institutions.

"Programs like [The Leadership Alliance] encourage us to move through the different phases of life and apply critical thinking to different types of problems."

Letise LaFeir
Program Officer, Resources Legacy Fund

Leadership Alliance National Symposium (LANS)

The culminating event of the Summer Research program is the Leadership Alliance National Symposium, where ongoing professional development, mentoring and networking occurs among the Alliance family of undergraduates, graduate students, our doctoral scholars, faculty and administrators.

Synergistic Network to Enhance Research that Grows Innovation (SYNERGI)

With a focus on first-year scholars and sustained community building, SYNERGI introduces innovative tools for supporting success at all stages of academic training.