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Members of the Leadership Alliance include thirty-three of the nation’s leading research and teaching academic institutions and one associate member from industry. Member institutions from the academic community are highly diverse in geographic distribution and range in student population from roughly 1,000 to more than 50,000. A core value of each institution is an intimate scholarly relationship built upon student-faculty mentoring, through which opportunities for undergraduate research in the biological, physical and social sciences as well as the humanities are promoted. 

The Alliance welcomed its first Associate Member, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR), in 2013. Novartis will be involved in development of an external advisory board, through which Associate Members will provide advice on matters related to the development and implementation of fundraising, partnership and programmatic activities of the Alliance.

Each Alliance member is represented in the consortium by an institutional coordinator. Leadership Alliance coordinators are high-level administrators, faculty, staff or program managers at their respective member institution or organization. The coordinators meet twice yearly (spring and fall) to discuss and develop programs, evaluate efforts and share news about student progress, institutional advances, and relevant policy issues.

The following list of member institutions includes the names and academic positions of the institutional coordinators.

Brooklyn College
Louise Hainline
Professor of Psychology

Brown University
Jabbar Bennett
Associate Dean for Diversity

Chaminade University of Honolulu
Patricia M. Lee-Robinson
Associate Provost

Claflin University
Roosevelt Ratliff, Jr.
Assistant Vice President for Leadership Development

Columbia University
Andrea Morris
Assistant Dean for Academic Diversity, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Cornell University
Laurel Southard
Director, Undergraduate Research

Dartmouth College
F. Jon Kull
Dean, Graduate Studies

Dillard University
John E. Wilson
Co-Director, Minority Health & Health Disparities Research Center

Harvard University
Sheila Thomas
Assistant Dean for Diversity and Minority Affairs

Howard University
Tyrone Barksdale
Special Projects Analyst

Hunter College
John Rose
Dean for Diversity & Compliance

Johns Hopkins University
William Egginton
Vice Dean & Professor

Montana State University
Jullian Collins
Director, AIRO Program

Morehouse College
Anne Watts
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Morgan State University
Pamela Scott-Johnson
Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts

New York University
Debra Szybinski
Executive Director, Office of Faculty Resources/Faculty Resource Network

Princeton University
Karen Jackson-Weaver
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Diversity

Spelman College
Cynthia Neal Spence
Associate Professor, Sociology
Director, UNCF/Mellon Programs

Stanford University
Chris Golde
Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education

Tougaloo College
Candice Love Jackson
Associate Professor and Chair, English Department

Tufts University
Yvette Dalton-McCoy
Associate Director, Graduate Diversity Programs

University of Chicago
William A. McDade
Deputy Provost for Research and Minority Issues

University of Colorado Boulder
Mark Hernandez
Professor, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Earnestine Baker
Assistant to the Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Executive Director, Meyerhoff Scholarship Program

University of Miami
Michael S. Gaines
Professor of Biology and Assistant Provost

University of Pennsylvania
Arnaldo Diaz
Assistant Dean for Research Training Programs

University of Puerto Rico
Luis Camara
Dean of Academic Affairs

University of South Florida
Richard Pollenz
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

University of Virginia
Cheryl Apprey
Director of Graduate Student Diversity Programs

Vanderbilt University
Don C. Brunson
Assistant Dean, Graduate School

Washington University in St. Louis
Rochelle D. Smith
Assistant Provost, Director, Diversity,
Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Xavier University of Louisiana
Gary Donaldson
Chair in American History

Yale University
Michelle Nearon
Assistant Dean, Graduate School

Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
Anastacia Berzat
Scientific Program Manager